The Importance of an Early Start

If you want to have a good day, you have to get up early. Or, at least that is what my very good friend in the US Army is always telling me. If you're like me, you'd rather sleep in than get up early before the sun comes up because those extra hours of sleep feel so good! But, unfortunately for the rest of us, there are a lot of benefits to getting up early.

Waking up early makes you more alert throughout your day. No kidding, right? But seriously, there was an actual study performed that shows your wake up brain fog can last up to FOUR HOURS! Do you really want to jump out of bed and be groggy for the first half of your day because you were running late to work? If you want to get ahead, you should really get up early and get going. Be sharp when it matters!

This one is mostly for the ladies, but another ongoing research study proves that women who wake up early are less likely to develop mental problems. It does make sense, especially when you consider how much a good night's sleep can restore not only your body, but also your mind. Not only that, there is another study that proves you will have less negative thoughts if you get up early. If you want to feel better mentally, you better wake up!

Do you want to achieve MORE? In yet another study, researchers found that people who get up early tended to be more successful. Remember the phrase, "early bird gets the worm?" Well, turns out it's true. Start your day right, get up early and you'll position yourself for greater chances of success and achievement.

I'm writing this on a Saturday night. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow and I'm sure you do as well. However, I know that Monday is coming and I know that I want to have an amazing week, which I'm sure you do as well. So, what do you think? Are you ready to take things in your life to a new level? Maybe instead of smashing that snooze button this week, you can get up on time, get moving and see things from a new perspective!

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