How To Stay Healthy At The Office

Stay healthy at the office!

Millions of Americans will spend every single day stuck behind a desk usually staring at a computer or a phone system while the rest of the world goes by in what seems like a flash. Unfortunately, sitting in a static position for hours on end is incredibly unhealthy to the human body and so it's incredibly important that you become aware of this problem and do something about it. So in this blog post, I would like to offer some helpful recommendations to maintain physical health while you are busy earning a living at the office.

Probably the first thing that you should think about is the amount of time that you spend in your desk chair. If you engage in work that keeps you on your butt for hours on end, the first thing that you should do is simply get up every hour and move around. Several of my friends like to get up and walk down the hallway every hour, but I also have another friend who cannot really leave his desk for that amount of time. What he does instead is to simply stand up near his desk and do a few stretches and calisthenics to keep his blood flowing.

Moving every hour is absolutely essential, but what about nutrition? What about hydration? If you're anything like me, sitting at a desk for hours on end is one great way to make me fall asleep very quickly! Instead of reaching for an energy drink, do your best to keep a container for water on your desk that is clearly visible. Maybe a huge jug? Maybe a cute tumbler? Sometimes just the presence of a water container is enough to remind you to drink lots of water throughout your day. If you do decide to gulp down a sugary energy drink (please don't), make sure you are drinking lots of water to go with it!

For the record, the mayo clinic recommends nearly 4 liters of water for men and 3 liters of water for women. There are some people out there that recommend a gallon of water a day, but make sure you work with your doctor before you go doing some crazy hydration routine!

What about snacks you say? There are lots of bad choices that you could get into, and they're probably wrapped in some fancy shiny paper, dipped in chocolate and covered with something that you probably find hard to resist. Trust me, I am right there with you! However, if you want to lead a life full of health and vitality, you're going to have to make smart choices with the snacks that you have your desk. Try to have fresh fruit around if you can, or at least something like nuts or crackers that are low in sodium and calories. Dehydrated fruit chips, raisins, and rice cakes are good choices.

You might be a person that cannot leave their desk very often to keep moving every hour. I recommend that you would least stand up once an hour and do some basic stretches or calisthenics. Cross your leg over your other leg and lean forward to stretch your piriformis and keep your sciatic nerve nice and happy. Twist in your chair to keep your lower back healthy and make sure to stretch your arms nice and wide to keep those upper shoulders engaged for good posture.

I know what it's like to be in a busy work environment, so if you forget to get up and move around every hour, no one is going to blame you. What you might want to consider is setting some kind of reminder on your phone or purchasing a fitness tracker that reminds you to get up every once in awhile based on your vital signs. If you need a recommendation, we actually have one in our store and you can get it here.

Most of these suggestions are nothing new. However, it is important to be constantly reminded of your physical health and I hope that you consider this article to be that reminder to change some habits so that you can live a healthier life. The last thing you want to do is emerge from the office every day with a sore back, bad posture, and completely dehydrated. I want you to be able to leave your office every day energized and ready to return to your family, ready to go to the gym, or even go for a walk with your dog. The office environment should not drain you, it should energize you and I believe that with these steps you can do just that!

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