Calcium is Vital!

Calcium is more than just for smiles...

Iron, zinc and calcium are very important minerals, do you know why? Because they are undoubtedly the most important minerals to athletes and bodybuilders all over the world. Interestingly, the body will prioritize calcium absorption over the other two minerals. This is due to the fact that the body actually needs quite a bit more calcium than it does iron or zinc. The body is a funny thing, but nutrition experts have also recognized the need for a iron and zinc. So what are we supposed to do?

When it comes to supplements, it's going to take a little bit of effort here. You might have seen supplements with all three of these minerals combined. Medical experts with any kind of nutrition knowledge whatsoever will immediately recognize how foolish it is to take a multi mineral tablet like this. But I said in the first paragraph, calcium will take priority and the body is likely to not absorb the other two. The best play here is to simply take iron and zinc when there is little to no calcium in your stomach already. Maybe in the morning?

Of course you know that calcium plays a major role in healthy and strong bones. But did you know it plays a very critical performance role as well? If your calcium levels are too low you can't relax your muscles. Muscle relaxation plays a critical role in muscle performance and growth, and without the relaxation, you can't avoid cramping, injury, and those horrible muscle twitching episodes. Again, calcium is good for bones and performance!

As you probably know, one of the greatest places to get calcium is milk. However, you might be saying, what about all of the fat in milk? The good news is that calcium is actually a major player in the metabolization of fat! There have been many studies that prove milk can be very helpful in a high performance diet. Obviously you want to check with your doctor, as lactose intolerance can play a major role here.

The information below is from Clayton Smith who is a well known creator of content in the nutritional world. I decided to share his three paragraphs regarding calcium because they are absolutely important! I hope this information is helpful.

Deficiency: Chronic dietary deficiency can cause osteoporosis. In younger people the consequences will be smaller accrual of bone mass and in older people it may mean a significant decrease in total bone mass. Brittle bones are the result. Hypertension and cancer are two modern diseases that can find calcium deficiency as a cause. Symptoms of deficiency can be, but are not limited to, aching joints, high LDL cholesterol, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, eczema, muscle cramps, convulsions, depressions, delusion, arthritis, rheuma and nervousness.

Toxical effects: Calcium in excess of 2.5 grams daily can cause mineral imbalances (lack of zinc or Iron absorption). Combined with a severe magnesium deficiency, common in bodybuilders, it may lead to kidney stone formation.

Dosage: 1000-1200 mg daily depending on age and sex. You should dose calcium according to phosphorus and magnesium intake. Ca, P and Mg should be stacked in a 2-2-1 relation to each other. Women need less calcium than men because high estrogen levels will deposit more calcium in the bones.

There are some great options for calcium, zinc, and iron!

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