You might be wondering how a woman from Colombia would come to the United States and start her fitness brand, but that's what this country is all about! I knew the United States was a place where I could grow and thrive.

When I first arrived to this country, I was able to work for an incredibly talented immigration attorney who was doing a lot of good for a lot of people. He inspired me to pass on that good to as many people as possible. After working with him for nearly 14 years, I decided to put myself through nursing school, even though I had my daughter a few months before graduation!

My love of fitness came a little bit later, but I have never looked back and I hope that my own transformation as a single, working mother can be inspirational to you as well. If you bring the heart, I'll provide the gear options and the motivation to help you be your best. Let's do it!

Who is
Del Mar?

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